Teacher or TV Producer?

The inspiration for this blog post comes from a comment made by my mom a couple of weeks ago when I explained to her the project that I was working on. I had decided to create a green screen video as part of an assignment for grad school. I thought her reaction was so comical that I shared it on Facebook along with a selfie right before recording the video.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 5.09.16 PM

To my surprise, the post surpassed the usual amount of likes and comments that I get on a post, within minutes. So when I finished the video that evening I uploaded a teaser of 16 seconds, which was received positively as well.

But as I continued to reflect on the experience I realized that my mother was on to something when she asked me if I was a teacher or a TV producer. The fact is that the role of the teacher has changed significantly in the past decades. To her being a teacher means that I stand in front of my group of students, who are seated in desks organized in rows. I then proceed to speak to them for the duration of the class, they complete an assignment, and take an additional activity with them to complete as homework.

Yet there I was creating a video, using technology that was originally used in motion pictures. So, am I really a teacher? The answer is yes, I am a teacher. I am also a story-teller, an actress, a singer, a clown, a photographer, a technician, a blogger and a scriptwriter, just to name a few of the roles I play. Above all, I am the apprentice of my students. They drive my instruction because teaching is about them and everything I can possibly do so that they can have a positive and meaningful learning experience. That is why I love teaching!

Since my assignment was completed successfully, I would like to share the outcome of my project below. First you will see the full video where I have a video chat session with Frida Kahlo.

The second video shows part of what the preparation of the video was like. Hope you enjoy the videos!

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Dr. Krashen @ #FLENJ15

This past Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Dr. Stephen Krashen, thanks to the Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey. Dr. Krashen delivered the keynote address at the FLENJ Annual Conference. Dr. Krashen’s hypotheses have informed my practice and driven my instruction of Spanish from the moment that I was exposed to them. Considering the “affective filter” when approaching each lesson, for instance, has become fundamental in determining my effectiveness as a teacher, as I conceptualize it as an invisible aura that allows me to either engage my students or lose them in five seconds.

I could probably write and talk for hours about how Dr. Krashen has influenced my work. This time, however, I want to share some of the statements that were my AHA! moments during his keynote address.


“Grammar is the result of comprehensible input.”

“Reading is the source of our literacy competence.”

“Input has to be compelling!”

“They (students) care about the story.”

“Language cannot be taught through skills methodology.”

“You cannot standardize education…you have to help people find who they are.”

I refrained from commenting on each statement as they can have a different meaning to our practice based on our individual experiences as educators. I hope one or more of these spark thoughtful consideration and meaningful discussion. To learn more about Dr. Krashen’s work click on the following link: http://www.sdkrashen.com/

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