Knowledge is Wealth, Share It!

I’ve taken a very long time to complete this blog post. The original idea was to share some thoughts about my first year as a doctoral student and what was the most meaningful lesson I learned. But as life happens every day, I get new insights about the doctoral journey.

In a recent conversation with one of my cohort members over coffee, we reflected upon the qualities that made our cohort productive in the first year of the program. All fifteen of us made it through successfully, a task that is not always possible. We talked about the presence of intention, commitment, honesty, humility and kindness in our group.

But what do these qualities have in common? How did they help us in succeeding at a major professional undertaking? How did they translate into productive outcome? The reality is that we come from all walks of life and have different cultural, personal and professional backgrounds. What was then our common ground, besides being doctoral students in the same program?

Well, for me the answer lies in sharing. I can’t speak for my fellow cohort members. Nevertheless, to me maintaining the intention and commitment of sharing my thoughts, feelings, expertise and experiences, honestly, kindly and with humility, was the key in contributing positively to the group and having a successful year. The more I shared the more I learned.


The interesting part is that I didn’t come to this realization through a long meditation or hours immersed in deep thought. It came as an “AHA!” moment while reading an Instagram post by @WodDoc.  Dr. Tim Simansky is known in the Crossfit world as “The WodDoc” and posts a daily video sharing strategies to optimize performance. His Instagram account is geared primarily towards Crossfit athletes but it also offers useful tips for people like me, the hopeless-dreamer-athlete-wannabe. 😉  I met Dr. Simanksy in the spring as I started suffering from “tennis elbows” but that’s a story for another blog post.

On every Instagram post Dr. Simansky includes the following statement: “…And don’t forget…the only worthless knowledge is the knowledge that you don’t share…Share the wealth!!!” Every time I read this statement I have to pause for a moment and think because it speaks to me in several ways.


Primarily, it has given me new perspective on a motto that I live by: “Education is the only treasure that no one can take away from me.” Hence, my pursuit of higher education is founded in the idea that education is my most valuable treasure. So then, why would I share my knowledge? It’s mine! I earned it! Yet, one day I won’t be around and the time invested in learning will be useless if I didn’t pass it on to others; just like monetary wealth. So in that case, all the knowledge that I acquire is worthless unless I share it.

Secondly, being in the position of the learner once again along with a group of colleagues forced me to think of myself as a collaborator. I soon realized how limited my precious knowledge was. I could only partake in someone else’s “wealth” if they shared. The trick though, was that I had to share first. As a result, my wealth of knowledge has grown. Not so much because of the endless hours of reading books and scholarly articles. But largely due to the opportunity to share what I know and listening to what others have to share.

I’m currently on vacation and have about three more weeks before the second year of the doctoral program starts. Unfortunately, I’m still on physical therapy as I’m recovering slowly. The cool part is that I get to pick Dr. Simansky’s brain during my weekly visit, as he is very generous with his knowledge. In the meantime, I invite you to follow his advice and “…Share the wealth!!!” as I plan to do the same.

Hasta pronto,


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